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Sticky : Guest Blogging vs Other link building methods
Both have their own importance, if done in the right direction.
Well all techniques work, just way of building is changed. Now you have to build link on only your category related sites.
Yes, very much SEOer search forums to build backlinks to their site. Surely they must have good results that's why they do so.
Guest blogging is still the best choice compared to other link building methods such as forum posting, blog commenting and article submission etc. Guest blogging provides numerous benefits such as getting some very high quality links. These links can be of benefit when it comes to increasing the volume of website visitor traffic towards the website.
As all of you know that Google punished one of the biggest Guest blogging sites due to mass submissions of content that intentionally to manipulate the rankings. There are still other ways aside from guest blogging.
Guest Blogging is way better than the other links building techniques. As it provides quality links and it will help to get better rank.
Both can provide help in building traffic to your website. If you want to be on top of the search engine result then you will need to do both guest blogging and other link building method.
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Both have equal importance as guest blogging is time taking,it gets live after sometime and other techniques parallel supports the site.
Guest Blogging is effective techniques to get backlink from authority site and always try to get backlink from high authority sites.
Guest blogging is great technique to generate quality backlink and drive traffic towards your site.

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