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Sticky : Guest Blogging vs Other link building methods
I you prefer any other king of link building method then it is upto you.
admin008 Wrote:which r the best sites for guest blogging?
Any kind of site in your niche is fine. But if you are doing guest blogging to get link juice then always prefer the sites which have higher PR, higher DA & PA then your site.
I think guest blogging is fine.
I would prefer Guest post...
motionz Wrote:Which method of link building do you prefer, the conventional guest blogging process or other link building techniques such as blog commenting, article submission, forum posting etc ??

Its not like guest blogging is more useful than other building methods. If you are good at building quality links, all the off page activities will do a great work for you.
Guest blogging is a better way of getting high quality links...
i think guest blogging is potential, but other link building is also useful.
I believe in forum posting, article submissions, and bookmarking.
guest blogging is better because it creates good quality backlinks
Guest blogging is also a good way of link building, however it is not revealed that it is the best way over other link building strategies.
We build organic back links and also we generally make an effort get link through any techniques ,but the top priority is on natural method . Guest blogs is better to get more back links

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