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Web application security. Some help needed.
I have some application developed for my business but I am also afraid about its security concerns and about the loss of data due to continuous attacks on it. As being developed by using open source technology, I am still looking forward for web application security checklist that can help me to keep my application safe and up-to-date.
Here is a quick list of methods for securing a web application. This checklist should be a part of every web application to maintain the high-security standards.

• There should be WAF (Web Application Firewall) to give protection against security threats.
• Check the data sources multiple times, identify or review the entry points and exit time every time.
• Check the application for access control issues or test the authorization standards too.
• All the data transmission should be secured with high cryptography encryption standard and decrypt securely at another side.
• Check against denial of service threats and how much secure are the resources?

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