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ClickDealer - Join the Leaders of Affiliate Marketing!
We are proud to announce that ClickDealer is a General Sponsor for Conversion Conf 2024 in Kyiv!

The affiliate marketing community in Ukraine is getting ready for June 14th, when over 1500 marketers and 50 brands will get together in the M82 center in Podil, the historical center of Kyiv, to meet new faces, catch up with old friends, and discuss the most profitable ways to advertise in the 2024 internet landscape. The schedule is packed with networking activities, workshops, and 10 speakers from market-leading companies delivering their takes on the most effective strategies in performance marketing.

Make sure not to miss out on the speech from our Head of PR, Nataly, and swing by booth G1 to talk leads with the team. Looking forward to seeing you in Kyiv!

P.S. You can book a meeting in advance HERE

[Image: 1200-630-CC-UA.png]
iGaming affiliates are in for a treat with these fresh offers that just hit our platform. Plenty of people have already had success with the vertical in TR and KZ, and this is your opportunity to cash in on a fresh user base.

157455 [WEB+MOB] SeaStar Casino /TR [MinDep 130 TRY/No BL]
157460 [WEB+MOB] Starlight Casino /KZ [MinDep 900 KZT/No BL]

With low minimum deposit requirements and no blacklist restrictions, these offers are accessible and ready for traffic at scale. All that is left is to set up a test and see how far it takes you

Ping your AM or Register HERE

[Image: OFFER-i-Gaming-06-06.jpg]
What's better than running a campaign for a global brand with brand recognition helping leads into the funnel? The same thing but with dozens of acclaimed entertainment brand names doing the work! HBO Max just got a $2 payout increase across all product categories until July 31st, making it the prime destination for your best US traffic for the next 1.5 months.

154374 [WEB+MOB] HBO Max /US $7.20 - 33.60 CPS

The multitude of traffic types allowed on this offer makes it easier than ever to pin down audiences for the streaming service, along with the 7-day cookie lifetime, this gives you incredible reach and enough time to convert the most skeptical leads. Set up a campaign and watch the profits stream into your account.

Ping your AM or Register HERE

[Image: OFFER-Ecommerce-10-06.jpg]
One of APAC’s pivotal online marketing conferences is only a few days away!

Global Traffic Conference focuses on globalization of Chinese brands,and its 2024 edition is going to draw the biggest players on the market to showcase their offerings, share insights, and look for new partnerships. The event is scheduled for June 17-18, so make sure to get your tickets ahead of time and free up your schedule, as this is the one conference you can’t miss if you are doing any business in the APAC region.

ClickDealer will be at Booth 4B61 ready to talk CPA, so book a trip and we will see you in Shenzhen!

Book a meeting with our pros in advance HERE

[Image: 1200-Shenzhen-China-1.png]
The real estate market in the US is going through the roof with major price hikes. No wonder many Americans are choosing to renovate instead. To keep homes in tip-top shape, a bit of TLC is essential, and that's what our highlight is about today. Help your audience give their homes the love they deserve and save on electricity while they’re at it.

(108459) [WEB+MOB] HQ Solar /US Sensitive
(125365) [WEB+MOB] HQ Gutter /US Sensitive
(108461) [WEB+MOB] HQ Bathroom Remodel /US Sensitive
(108457) [WEB+MOB] HQ Roofing Remodel /US Sensitive RevShare
(108458) [WEB+MOB] HQ Windows Remodel /US Sensitive RevShare

Advertising home improvement deals is a long-term game, but the payoff is worth it. Once the profits start ramping up, you will be happy to see them stick around.

Ping your AM or Register HERE

[Image: OFFER-Home-Improvement-18-06.jpg]
This is HUGE!

EXCLUSIVE offers (8) [WEB+MOB] Dating SM/Global at ClickDealer!

Australia converting like crazy with payouts of $ 4.16
USA traffic thriving at a cool $ 2.25

Stop wasting time managing multiple offers. Our Smartlinks leverage cutting-edge algorithms to deliver the highest-performing offers to your traffic, every single time.

Contact your manager to unlock these Smartlink-exclusive deals and skyrocket your earnings!

Or register HERE

[Image: 1200-Exclusive-Dating-Offers.png]
The downloads vertical has been around as long as online marketing itself, and the security niche has been the most profitable one all that time. Cybersecurity solutions keep evolving alongside cybersecurity threats, and the demand for not having viruses on your device has no expiration date. That's why today's highlight is some of the latest data security products on the market.

85016 [WEB+MOB] TotalAV /International CPS [Review ONLY] $105
134196 [WEB] Incogni® Data Protection - Holiday Deal /International (31 GEOs) CPS $38
143329 [WEB] Intego Antivirus for MAC /International CPS $80

Would you have liked to get on the Norton advertising train when the company just got started? You might have a similar opportunity here.

Ping your AM or Register HERE

[Image: OFFER-Download-20-06.jpg]
(04-28-2023, 11:03 AM)ClickDealer Wrote: This featured offer is from another massive Polish company leading the market in its industry. offers price comparisons across all online marketplaces in Poland, allowing customers to find the best deals for the products they are looking for. It will be easy to get people to use the service, but hard to find those that are not already using it. If you are up to that type of challenge, there is a lot of money in it:

(140934) [WEB+MOB] Сeneo /PL - CPL

Think wisely about the kind of products you would like to use in your creatives, but keep in mind that you are only limited by your imagination because covers pretty much everything you can buy.

Ping your AM or register HERE

[Image: OFFER-Ecommerce-27-04.jpg]

Welcome to Andhra Pradesh, a state in southern India that personifies a special mix of diversity and delight. Unveil the hidden gems of Andhra Pradesh. Dive into our detailed tourism guide and plan your unforgettable trip with insights on Andhra Pradesh tourism.
Fortify the digital defenses of users worldwide while boosting your commissions with BitDefender's top-tier packages. Whether your audience is in the US, UK, Australia, or across Europe, they can all benefit from BitDefender's renowned protection.

157757 [WEB+MOB] BitDefender - Premium/Total/Plus /NL CPS
157756 [WEB+MOB] BitDefender - Premium/Total/Plus /IT CPS
157755 [WEB+MOB] BitDefender - Premium/Total/Plus /ES CPS
157754 [WEB+MOB] BitDefender - Premium/Total/Plus /FR CPS
157753 [WEB+MOB] BitDefender - Premium/Total/Plus /DE CPS
157752 [WEB+MOB] BitDefender - Premium/Total/Plus /UK CPS
157751 [WEB+MOB] BitDefender - Premium/Total/Plus /AU CPS
157746 [WEB+MOB] BitDefender - Premium/Total/Plus /US CPS

BitDefender offers various subscription plans to cater to different needs, from the ultimate Premium protection to the essential Plus plan.
With cyber threats lurking at every corner, your campaigns can be the beacon of security your audience needs. Set up your campaigns today and watch as BitDefender's top-notch protection converts into top-tier commissions. Ready to secure your profits?

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[Image: OFFER-Download-02-07.jpg]
Get ready to turbocharge your campaigns with these fantastic new offers. Whether you're looking to rake in profits from the booming iGaming sector, tap into the lucrative financial services market, or help people repair their credit, today's highlight has it all.

134507 [WEB+MOB] Casino /BR [Mindep 10 BRL/BL 30 BRL]
157806 [WEB+MOB] StayCasino /IT [MinDep €10/No BL]
152810 [WEB+MOB] Je veux comparer - Assurance emprunteur /FR SOI
147657 [WEB+MOB] Je veux comparer - Rachat de Crédit /FR SOI
154402 [WEB+MOB] Top Credit Repair New /US/ RevShare

Pick your next big hit or maybe even two, and set up a test today to watch the profits roll in!

Ping your AM or Register HERE

[Image: OFFER-Ecommerce-04-07.png]

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