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Today, February 16th, marks Innovation Day—a momentous occasion where the Science History Institute collaborates with the Society of Chemical Industry to explore the ever-evolving landscape of technology. As society undergoes transformative changes, so too does our reliance on technology. And while the field of computer technologies witnesses constant innovation, some software applications, such as disc cleaners and antivirus programs, stand the test of time—at least for now.

In light of these dynamics, we present these enticing opportunities for your consideration on this Innovation Day:

120768 [WEB+MOB] Norton 360 Plans - AV+/Standard/Deluxe/Premium /International CPS
CR - 0.08% EPC - $0.07

145601 [WEB+MOB] CCleaner DTC /International CPS
CR - 0.13% EPC - $0.09

Take advantage of this enduring relevance, join us in celebrating Innovation Day, and capitalize on the opportunity to profit from these steadfast technologies.

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[Image: OFFER-Ecommerce-15-02.jpg]

We have prepared an insightful interview with Natalya Ptitsyna, our Head of PR and Kristina Pototska, Manager of Product Management at BigCommerce

Check out the discussions about trends, opportunities for merchants and brands in 2024, international expansion, AI, metaverse, video ads, B2B, targeting tips, traffic cases, and e-commerce trending niches.

Watch it here!

[Image: Screenshot-8.png]
From kids' playgrounds to the shelves of adult collectors, there's one brand that unites us all: LEGO! And today, to celebrate Lego Classicism Day, we've got a brick-tastic highlight for you.

152014 [WEB+MOB] Lego /MX Revshare [Approval Required]
94968 [WEB+MOB] Win New Lego €500 Voucher /DE SOI FB/GoogleTag Pixel

The appeal for offers is broad, attracting families looking for gifts, educators aiming to inspire, and collectors on the hunt for the next rare find. It's LEGO, need we say more? Waste no time and give it a try to see how high your profits can soar.

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[Image: OFFER-Ecommerce-20-02.jpg]
In 2024, online privacy is a much larger concern than it was even a decade ago. Internet users demand a tracking-free and unrestricted browsing experience. Ultra VPN is the response to that, providing lightning-fast speeds and a straightforward interface. Help them unlock the web, shield their data, and stream freely worldwide.

151566 [WEB+MOB] Ultra VPN /International CPS $65

Privacy advocates, streamers, travelers - the audience is expansive. There are lots of angles to take with your ad copy, and even more geos to scale your campaign to. Make use of this freedom of action and grant even more to every converting user.

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[Image: OFFER-Download-22-02.jpg]
Forget the winter blues, because spring is here, and wanderlust is in bloom. Travelers are itching to explore, with international flight bookings in the US soaring by 20% and hotel reservations jumping 37% compared to last year. This trend means one thing for travel affiliates - opportunity is knocking.

124660 [WEB+MOB] Etihad Airways /International (246 geos) Revshare [Approval Required]
152005 [WEB+MOB] Trivago /US - RevShare [Approval Required]
144349 [WEB+MOB] Caesars Rewards /US - Revshare
153774 [WEB+MOB] CAESARS REWARDS: Shows & Attractions /US- Revshare

These offers cater to both US adventurers and global globetrotters. With such a diverse audience, your potential for earning is sky-high. By the way, did we mention the Etihad Airways and Trivago offers come with increased commission?

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[Image: OFFER-travel-29-02.jpg]
In today's highlights, we're continuing with our travel offer spree. This selection appeals to both domestic and international travel enthusiasts who value convenience, affordability, and unforgettable experiences. These offers are perfect for those who are keen on exploring new destinations while keeping their travel budget in check without sacrificing comfort.

141973 [WEB+MOB] GoCity /International (243 geos) Revshare [Approval Required]
140279 [WEB+MOB] Vueling /UK CPS [Approval Required]
140278 [WEB+MOB] Vueling /IT CPS [Approval Required]
127511 [WEB+MOB] Trainline /FR/IT/UK Revshare [Approval Required]
108563 [WEB+MOB] CheapOair /International CPS [Approval Required]

Whether you run a tightly targeted campaign or a scalable global one, all of these offers have the potential to yield massive returns. Set up a test today and see where it takes you.

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[Image: OFFER-travel-05-03.jpg]
Today's highlight is all about Carter - the globally renowned baby clothes brand. With its long-standing reputation, Carter is one of the oldest and most recognized brand names in the US, and its popularity extends far beyond US borders. Your CR gets boosted by default, as shoppers are more likely to purchase from a brand they know and love.

[WEB+MOB] Carters /International Revshare [Approval required]

This offer has global coverage, so your reach can be immense. And the best part? Rates on the offer have been increased from 1.6% to 3.2% until the end of March, so don't waste any another minute and take full advantage of the opportunity!

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[Image: OFFER-Ecom-11-03.jpg]
Are you ready for a love revolution? ♥️ Brace yourself because the online dating industry is about to transform like never before!

To bring you the latest insights, ClickDealer has partnered with industry and academic experts to create an electrifying report - "Digital Love Revolution: The Future of Online Dating". This report will take you on an exhilarating journey exploring the world of AI matchmaking, market demands, privacy, and societal impacts.

Be among the first ones to discover the next big thing in online dating by getting your copy now

[Image: 2-digital-love-revolution-2.jpg]
Introducing the latest landmark addition to our travel offer portfolio - Malaysia Airlines. With its generous and flexible commission structure and the size of the audience traveling to and from Southeast Asia, this international offer can be a career-maker.

54350 [WEB+MOB] Malaysia Airlines /International - Revshare

Keep in mind flight bookings must be for a minimum of two weeks to be valid. Cancellations made before 2 weeks will result in the action being rejected. The program commissions based on flights booked, not flights consumed, making the validation process faster.

The list of GEOs this offer covers can be overwhelming, but we have some intel on where it would be best to start building out your campaign: AU, IN, UK, CN, TW, TW, HK, JP, KR, and NZ first. Make your pick, set up a test, and let your affiliate career soar to new heights!

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[Image: OFFER-Travel-14-03.jpg]
When deciding on what we should give our affiliates for our 12th birthday, we thought about what any given affiliate could appreciate, regardless of their specialization or how far they have made it in their career.

There are three things in this business an affiliate has never complained about: a payout bump, an open cap, and fast approval. Whether you are sniping high-ticket leads in a niche vertical or scaling a global six-figure campaign, those words never fail to brighten up your day. So that is exactly what you are getting here—12 of our top offers across our most popular verticals with new and improved conditions to commemorate the occasion. After all, what is a better way to celebrate ClickDealer's birthday than running campaigns and making money?

Set up and enjoy!


1. [WEB+MOB] ARDENTECASINO /IT [MINDEP 20EUR/NO BL] - 200 EUR - increased payout


2. [WEB+MOB] FrecheFrauen /DE DOI - 12 EUR - Exclusive+ increased payout
3. [WEB+MOB] QKKIE /US SOI $3.50- increased payout

Pay Per Call

4. [MOB] Auto Insurance - 150s - RevShare /US [PPC] [Inbounds] [Approval Required] - Fixed Payout $32/120s


5. [WEB+MOB] Avast Software - Premium/Ultimate Security /UK CPS [Approval Required] - bump from 70$ to 78$!
6. [WEB+MOB] Norton 360 Deluxe - 2 years /US CPS [Approval Required] - up to 130$ (payout increase based on volume+open cap!)


7. [WEB+MOB] Ryoko PRO - WiFi Router /International (59 GEOs) CPS - 50$ + open cap!


8. [WEB+MOB] WALMART /US - REVSHARE UP TO 6.4% - Exclusive! High approval rate
9. [WEB+MOB] Carters /International - Revshare 3.2% [Approval required]- Exclusive! High approval rate

MyHomeQuote - O&O offers

10. [WEB+MOB] HQ Windows/ Bathroom Remodel / Solar/ Home Security /US Sensitive - 25-40$ CPL, open cap!
11. [PPC] HQ Solar /US [Pay-Per-Call] - $70- $90/90sec+ open cap!
12. [PPC] ROOFING HQ (RevShare) /US [Pay-Per-Call]- $100/120s + open cap!

[Image: Birthday-Package-1200.jpg]
If you want to break your monthly revenue records, start setting up a Temu campaign right now. Temu is a global marketplace that has everything from fashion brand clothing to the latest models of high-end gadgets, and its offer's revshare rate has been bumped to 24% for first-time users for the whole month of April. Twenty-four percent!

(140119) [WEB+MOB] Temu /International [27 geos] - Revshare up to 24% [Approval required]

You've got 27 countries where you can look for users who haven't shopped at Temu yet. That is plenty of space to spread your wings and make this April your biggest month to date. You even have 3 days in advance to get your campaign together and spend every second of April profiting like never before. Ready to see some big numbers?

Ping your AM or Register HERE

[Image: OFFER-Ecommerce-28-03.jpg]

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