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What could be better than a dropshipping offer just before Black Friday starts? 5 of them, of course! Across the 49 GEOs covered by each of the offers, it is almost impossible not to find a profitable option. And with Listicles, Native, Search, Social, and YouTube in allowed traffic types, anyone can pick them up for a test.

(95874) [WEB+MOB] Enence Instant Two-Way Language Translator /International (50 GEOs) CPS @ $57.00
(106878) [WEB+MOB] Huusk - Handmade Knives /International (50 GEOs) CPS @ $26.00
(133294) [WEB+MOB] Spirual - Incense Waterfalls Cone /International (49 GEOs) CPS @ $25.00
(126292) [WEB+MOB] Derila - Memory Foam Pillow /International (49 GEOs) CPS @ $34.00
(138963) [WEB+MOB] Synoshi - Spin Power Scrubber /International (49 GEOs) CPS @ $33.00

Make sure to check the list of top geos for offers, as starting with them will be your key to success.  That is aside from promptly launching a campaign to capitalize on the holiday shopping frenzy. Get the units shipping and the profits dripping!

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[Image: OFFER-Dropshipping-14-11.jpg]
Have you ever wanted to spread some Christmas magic, put smiles on children's faces, and add some commas to your account balance? Today's featured offer lets you strike all three off your to-do list. A child getting a personalized letter from Santa Claus that looks like it just came from his workshop on the North Pole is a precious experience that is worth much more than the price tag on the service, and you get to make that happen all over the world, with a hefty commission coming in for each letter.

(147927) [WEB+MOB] Christmas Letters from Santa /US CPS @ $9.5
(147928) [WEB+MOB] Christmas Letters from Santa /UK CPS @ $4.0
(147929) [WEB+MOB] Christmas Letters from Santa /AU CPS @ $4.2
(147931) [WEB+MOB] Christmas Letters from Santa /CA CPS @ $4.8
(147928) [WEB+MOB] Christmas Letters from Santa /UK CPS @ $4.0
(147933) [WEB+MOB] Christmas Letters from Santa /NZ CPS @ $4.0
(147932) [WEB+MOB] Christmas Letters from Santa /International (26 GEOs) CPS @ €4.0
(148745) [WEB+MOB] Letters from Santa /NZ. 3.2 EUR

Email and Facebook traffic are on Santa's nice list, according to our intel. And the icing on the cake - the Creatives section is full of high-CR templates for you to choose from. It's a win-win situation: children get to believe in magic, parents' hearts are melting, you earn a pretty penny, and everyone basks in the festive cheer. What could be better?

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[Image: 02-OFFER-Santa-14-11.png]
Here's a terrifying statistic: an astonishing 80 million Americans are grappling with hair loss. And here's a reassuring fact to follow it up: there are lots of solutions on the market, and they just need a little bit of promotion. Today's highlight is exactly that kind of product, with a generous CPS rate to reward those who get the word out.

(150704) [WEB+MOB] Keranique - Hair Regrowth System for Women (CTC $39.95) /US (CPS)

Speaking about astonishing numbers, our intel shows a CR of 1.81% and $1.78 EPC. You can find all the creative assets you need in our Creatives section if you want to run a test right away. Don't brush away this opportunity - pick up Keranique and take it for a spin!

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[Image: 02-OFFER-Santa-14-11.jpg]
For today's offer highlight, high fashion is on the menu. One would be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn't heard of the brand name Armani, but there are still plenty of people who don't own their products. Changing that fact will net you a generous commission from the fashion house. What sets Armani apart is its universal appeal. Whether it's the fashion-forward youth in Tokyo or the sophisticated elite in Paris, Armani speaks a language of luxury understood by all. You just have to find some more listeners.

(150958) [WEB+MOB] Armani /International (246 geos) Revshare 4.8% [Approval Required]

The audience is vast and varied, encompassing anyone who appreciates quality, style, and the finer things in life. The 30-day cookie lifetime will provide ample time for your leads to make their orders. Set it up for a test and expect only the finest results.

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[Image: OFFER-Ecommerce-24-11.jpg]
Get ready for Affiliate World Asia 2023! Join the elite in affiliate marketing in Bangkok, Dec 7-8. Network with top execs, gain valuable insights, and enjoy epic pub crawls & clubbing!

Over 5,500 attendees, 6 key tracks - find your next big strategy and perfect business match.

Stop by ClickDealer's booth D21 for a chat. Let's chat and make magic happen! See you in Bangkok!

You can book a meeting with our team in advance HERE

[Image: aw-asia-1200.jpg]

With today's featured offer, you can tap into a vast pool of UK tenants seeking compensation for housing disrepair. With England's rainy and foggy weather, problems with mod and dampness are just the beginning.

(145865) [WEB+MOB] National Disrepair Claims (Email ) /UK / Payout - £24
(146164) [WEB+MOB] National Disrepair Claims /UK / Payout - £24

You will need to preapprove your creatives, but the payouts will certainly make it worth your while. Ready to boost your income by addressing a pressing need?

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[Image: 9cbb75d0-e336-4b0e-af6a-e15069248cca.jpg]
ClickDealer is going to Global Traffic Conference 2023!

This conference, held by Baijing in Shenzhen from December 5th to 6th, is one of the biggest events focusing on globalization of Chinese brands, service providers, and app developers.

This year’s GTC includes one industry exhibition, four summits, four technical salons, six matchmaking meetings, two industry salons, and the Beluga Talent Award ceremony.

With nearly 200 exhibitors covering bustling industries like games, applications, technology, and brand globalization, there are plenty of interesting and fruitful conversations to be had.

Let us know if you are planning to go and we will be happy to meet you there!

You can book a meeting with our team in advance HERE

[Image: 1200-Global-Traffic-Conference.jpg]
When the weather doesn't allow for outdoors activities, enthusiasts have two options - travel or browse stores and kit up for the next season. Today's highlight lets you capitalize on the latter. The three brands featured today will make hikers, runners, and golfers load up their carts to the brim, and let you do the same with your account balance.

(151485) [WEB+MOB] Merrell /CA - Revshare 5.6% [Approval Required]
(151503) [WEB+MOB] Saucony /CA - Revshare 8% [Approval Required]
(151505) [WEB+MOB] Saucony /US Revshare 2.4% [Approval Required]
(151513) [WEB+MOB] /CA/US - Revshare 3.2% [Approval Required]

All three of the featured brands are well-known and highly regarded in their respective sports, so word of mouth is already out there. You just need to put the products in front of the hobbyists or their friends and family looking for a perfect Christmas gift. Set up a test today and reap the seasonal benefits!

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[Image: OFFER-Ecommerce-07-12.jpg]
Today's highlight is all about a popular brand among smokers worldwide. King Palm offers a natural and unbleached alternative to traditional rolling papers that offers a unique slow and smooth burn. With a diverse product range, irresistible customer discounts, and a well-established brand reputation, you can tap into a lucrative market with high conversion potential.

(149267) [WEB+MOB] King Palm /International - Revshare - 12.00%

The offer supports the majority of traffic sources, the only exceptions being coupon websites, brand misspellings, and adult content. The cookie lifetime is an impressive 90 days, which means you can earn commissions long after the initial click. There are many geos to scale to and angles to try, so put together a game plan and set off towards profit!

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[Image: OFFER-Ecommerce-14-12.png]
In the US, business insurance is a vital lifeline for entrepreneurs. Every business owner is looking for perfect coverage matching the scale of their business. Today's highlight, Next Insurance, hits all the right notes with its latest offers. They make it super easy to find insurance options and get quotes in various industries. And for those who don't want it super easy, they offer a free e-book that breaks down all the details about business insurance.

(146906) [WEB+MOB] Next Business Insurance /US
(146907) [WEB+MOB] Next Insurance Instant Quote /US
(146908) [WEB+MOB] Next Insurance - Free Business Insurance 101 ebook /US

The projected EPC for this offer is $7.00. Whether you will see that number in your tracker or not depends on how fast you will act on the intel. Ready to launch?

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[Image: OFFER-Insurance-21-12.jpg]
Today, we're shining the spotlight on two brands that are legendary in their respective niches. Armani is an iconic high fashion brand that needs no introduction, and Wolverine is perhaps just as famous in the realm of work boots and shoes.

(150958) [WEB+MOB] Armani /International (246 geos) Revshare 3.2%
(150990) [WEB+MOB] Wolverine /US Revshare 2.4%

Both brands, despite their different target audiences, share a common thread - a commitment to superior quality and a strong brand identity. Whether you're targeting the US market or going global, these brands offer massive potential for scaling up your campaigns. Pick the winners and cash in.

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[Image: OFFER-Property-insurance-28-10.jpg]

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