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Sliding scale rates are not a thing you often see in our offer highlights, but they are perfectly normal for offers from the finance vertical, like the ones we have for you today. The four featured offers are from UK short-term loaning companies helping out people who need a helping hand in a financial emergency and need it quickly. These companies provide loans in the £50-£1000 range, and your payout depends on how much your users will take out:

(142062) [WEB+MOB] Monarch Loans /UK - Revshare [Approval Required]

(142066) [WEB+MOB] iCash Loans /UK - Revshare [Approval Required]

(142067) [WEB+MOB] Abbey Loans /UK - Revshare [Approval Required]

(142068) [WEB+MOB] LoanCashNow /UK - Revshare [Approval Required]

Users looking for short-term loans are generally more incentivized and less discerning than those seeking something long-term, so results and data for optimizations will come in much faster. Launch away!

Ping your AM or register HERE

[Image: OFFER-25-05.jpg]
Did you know that Nike's advertising and promotion costs in the 2022 financial year are approximated at 3.85 billion U.S. dollars? Would you be surprised to find out the brand is massive in Spain when Nike sponsors half of the teams in La Liga? With today's featured offer, you don't have to be creative with ad content. Just cover some juicy placements and let Nike's marketing do its thing:


In terms of traffic types, you are working with cashback & loyalty, coupons, display, native, social, and content. Got good traffic for Spain? Watch your CTR match your CR.

Ping your AM or register HERE

[Image: OFFER-NIKE-29-05.jpg]
Did you know that Logitech was one of the pioneers of the computer mouse, releasing its first mouse in 1982, a year before Microsoft did? Today, known worldwide for its quality lines of computer accessories, Logitech provides an array of products that cater to all audiences, from gamers to office workers. With lucrative revshare rates and extensive market reach, Logitech's offers can be your ticket to scaling across continents.

(142573) [WEB] Logitech G /US/CA - Revshare up to 3.2%
(142575) [WEB] Logitech G EMEA /International [35 Geos] - Revshare 4%
(142578) [WEB] Logitech EMEA /International [36 Geos] - Revshare up to 4%
(142777) [WEB] Logitech /US/CA/MX - Revshare up to 3.2%

The offers accept most traffic types except for email and search, so there are lots of profitable approaches to discover. What will you do with all that freedom?

Ping your AM or register HERE

[Image: OFFER-Ecommerce-01-06.jpg]
ClickDealer is going to the Retail Innovation Conference & Expo 2023! From June 13th to 15th, the McCormick Place convention center in Chicago will be hosting over 5000 decision-makers from the burgeoning world of online retail. With executives from Google, Amazon, Walmart, and Adobe speaking at the event, you can be sure you will be getting the latest and most actionable insights on achieving success in e-commerce.

Let us know if you are planning to go, and let's set up a meeting!

[Image: 1200-retail-innovation.png]
It's the first week of summer, so we are going to give you something seasonal. The T10 Portable cooler is an obvious choice for outings in 30°C weather, and now is the ideal time to promote it, with payouts increased to a whopping $65. The coolers are cool, the offer is hot, and the time is now.

(106200) [WEB+MOB] T10 Cooler CTC € 83.99 /DE [CPS]
(140923) [WEB+MOB] T10 Cooler CTC £72.99 /UK [CPS]
(140924) [WEB+MOB] T10 Cooler CTC € 83.99 /FR [CPS]
(142693) [WEB+MOB] T10 Cooler CTC $ 89.99 /US/CA [CPS]

Make sure to check out the Creatives section for great banners and ask your affiliate manager for product videos. Take advantage of this opportunity to leverage the seasonal demand and maximize your earnings!

Ping your AM or register HERE

[Image: OFFER-Dropshipping-06-06-02.jpg]
SiGMA Americas is only a week away! The leading iGaming conference series' latest event in São Paulo, Brazil, is gathering a heavy lineup of well-known executives to discuss growth opportunities in LATAM.

The five-day event scheduled for June 14-18 will provide every opportunity to meet everyone you need to meet, learn everything you would like to learn about the state of the industry in 2023, and find out why there is still no party like a party in Brazil.

ClickDealer is sending a team to the event, so get in touch if you are going, and let's meet up!

[Image: sigma-americas-1200.png]
Today's featured offer is Zulily, the online retail giant with a wide range of products, with categories covering everything from clothing to electronics. Their daily deals and limited-time offers are consistently attractive for both first-time customers and repeat shoppers!

(136557) [WEB+MOB] Zulily /US/CA/SG/IE/AU/UK/HK/MX - Revshare 6.4% Approval required

With 8 GEOs available, the offer accepts most types of traffic except for brand bidding and direct linking. Here's the cherry on top - an exclusive promo code live until June 30th is available in the offer's Creatives section. Pick out something seasonal to advertise and take advantage!

Ping your AM or register HERE

[Image: OFFER-Ecommerce-29-05.jpg]

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