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April is here, bringing the promise of warm breezes, blooming landscapes, and the unstoppable urge to travel. As everyone's thoughts turn to planning the perfect spring and summer getaways, affiliates start thinking about their next record-breaking travel campaign. In today's highlight, we have something that will make you think about it twice as hard.

154350 [WEB+MOB] Malaysia Airlines /International - Revshare
154428 [WEB+MOB] /International (243 geos) Revshare [Approval Required]
152005 [WEB+MOB] Trivago /US - CPS + RevShare [Approval Required]
141653 [WEB+MOB] Waynabox /ES - CPS + RevShare [Approval Required]
134212 [WEB+MOB] AutoEurope /UK - Revshare [Approval Required]
154442 [WEB+MOB] Etihad Airways /International (246 geos) Revshare [Approval Required]

CPS, revshare, international, local—everything is on the table. Pick an offer or two and set off on your own journey towards the land of plenty!

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[Image: OFFER-travel-03-04.jpg]
If you catch this highlight as soon as it comes out, you've hit the jackpot. We've got not one, not two, but three of the best iGaming offers for their respective GEOs. From the bustling streets of Poland to the scenic vistas of Chile, all the way to the heart of the Netherlands, everyone likes a game of chance, and the offers below have every game you can think of and more.

136911 [WEB+MOB] BetOnRed Casino&Betting /PL [MinDep 25 PLN/No BL] [Approval Required]
140818 [WEB+MOB] 1Win Betting&Casino /CL [MinDep 5000 CLP/No BL]
148704 [WEB+MOB] B7 Casino /NL [MinDep €10/No BL] [Approval Required]

With lenient deposits and solid metrics averages backing them up on all three offers, the only remaining factor to decide your choice is what country you prefer. Your target users may enjoy rolling the dice, but you don't have to. With these offers, success is all but guaranteed.

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[Image: OFFER-i-Gaming-11-04.jpg]
Sometimes, a deal is so nice you have to post it twice. StockX is offering a 4% commission rate to all ClickDealer affiliates who haven't sent traffic to the offer before April 24th. This deal is valid until June 24th, allowing you to run StockX with a rate that is not available with any other affiliate network. What is StockX? Only a renowned global fashion retailer and one of our most popular e-commerce offers. Launch a campaign and find out why.

Ecommerce 148099 [WEB+MOB] StockX /International Revshare [Approval Required]

You have a little over 1.5 months to run an offer with a commission rate that gives you an edge over the whole industry. With a 4.5% CR average and $163.30, not scaling this one as far as humanly possible would be an encyclopedic example of a missed opportunity.

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[Image: OCPhoto-736359868-992733.jpg]
When sticking close to e-commerce trends, it can be easy to forget that the vertical is much more than just clothes, gadgets, and home appliances. It's so easy that select affiliates have been making bank on cleaning out user bases for less appreciated niches like domain names and flower delivery. Today's featured offers are an opportunity to find out how massive an audience there is to monetize outside of the spotlight.

156734 [WEB+MOB] /International Revshare
156610 [WEB+MOB] 1-800 Flowers /US Revshare

With international reach and competitive rates, the offers are ripe for scaling. Set up a test and you might build something great.

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[Image: OFFER-Ecommerce-09-05.jpg]
Today's highlight is your opportunity to promote a product from a brand that has been gaining customer loyalty, market recognition, and acclaim for 37 years. McAfee VirusScan was the first anti-virus software to hit the market in 1987, and decades later, McAfee solutions still lead the rankings of the best commercially available security software. It doesn't get more trusted than this.

93821 [WEB+MOB] McAfee Total Protection /International CPS
156632 [WEB+MOB] McAfee - Check out page (Advanced Family) /US CPS

We've got a US offer for those of you with a killer angle for English speakers, and an international one for the scalers. Set up a test and find out how worldwide brand recognition can benefit your campaign.

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[Image: OFFER-Download-14-05.jpg]
We often feature luxurious offers in our highlights, but before today, never quite so literally. Today, we bring you two of the most dazzling e-commerce offers for those who want to shine in the jewelry niche.

156001 [WEB+MOB] Angara /US Revshare
156400 [WEB+MOB] GemsNY /US/CA/UK/AU Revshare

With the premium nature of these brands and competitive rates on the offers, every lead is a payday. Whether you focus on the US with Angara or spread out with GemsNY, there are endless opportunities to turn your clicks into solid gold.

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[Image: Skype-Picture-2024-05-17-T14-58-01-410-Z.jpg]
A lot of Americans use VPNs. So many, in fact, that soon we will be able to say "most Americans", as the current number is at 46%, and it keeps climbing. You won't be able to wow anyone with the standard package of security features and worldwide Netflix access with all the advertising users have seen in the past few years. That's why we are featuring Hotspot Shield today.

57423 [MOB] Hotspot Shield VPN /US CPS
157424 [WEB] Hotspot Shield VPN /US CPS

pb[Initially capped at 30 leads per day[/b] until the advertiser approves the traffic quality, this offer supports display, native, and search traffic types, giving you both flexibility and scalability. Set it up and start reaping the benefits.

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[Image: OFFER-Download-28-05.jpg]

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