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Unlimited or Unmetered Bandwidth
Are they different? Or does they represent different things.
I am assuming OP is asking about Hosting companies.

Both are different a little bit.

Unmetered bandwidth means you don't have any regulation on how many GB flows. But it will be restricted for one or two ports only. Or, via limiting speed.

On the other hand, Unlimited bandwidth means you can have as much as you want. Again, it can be restricted via physical hardware configuration.
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@limbo That doesn't look very different from each other mate.

Anyway, from what I have understood.

Bandwidth refers to the amount of data that can be transferred by a server within a specific time frame. However, it's important to note that unmetered hosting does not mean that you can have unlimited traffic on your website. Your traffic is limited by time and throughput, even if the data transfer itself is unlimited.

When a hosting company offers unmetered bandwidth, they are offering a fixed amount of bandwidth, such as 1Gbps, which you can use without any additional charges. However, your maximum server speed is limited, even though the data transfer is unlimited.

On the other hand, with metered bandwidth, the hosting company monitors the amount of data that you use and charges you according to the amount you use per month. This means that the more visitors you have, the more you will be charged.

With unmetered hosting, the host does not monitor your usage. This means that you can transfer an unlimited amount of data, but at a limited speed. In this case, you are not charged for the data you use, but you are charged a flat rate that is predictable.

I hope it makes sense to OP.
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(04-18-2023, 03:51 AM)ani2002 Wrote: Are they different? Or does they represent different things.

The thing here is that separate people will give variable responses.

It all comes down to the hosting company which is providing it. Many may charge for excess speed even if they say unmetered bandwidth. Which is true btw they are providing unmetered bandwidth but for extra speed you have to pay.

Same goes for unlimited bandwidth. All will be good unless you start consuming humongous amount of data. Then they are gonna charge you extra.
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(04-20-2023, 04:47 AM)iamjust Wrote: @limbo That doesn't look very different from each other mate.

Well when I wrote it made sense. Nonetheless the topic is tricky.

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