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Taking Backup (Snapshots) of Dedicated Sever
What is the easiest way to backup a Dedicated Sever?

Taking snapshots, I have done in Cloud before. Basically, the service which managed the cloud, did it for me. But now I have moved to dedicated server. And using a different service to manage the bare metal server. And I am not seeing anything about snapshots in their provided service features.

Any ideas or suggestions ?!
You could simply ask them. How this could be resoled. Majority of the services who do manage also provide separate packages for these so they can earn some extra buck.

Anyway, trying using 'rsync'. If you search then may also find some good tutorials and videos.
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@diamondhead rsync is good. But if OP doesn't know what he is doing then it will be of no to little help.

@bsteve In the dedicated server, have you installed cPanel or plesk or anything like it? If yes. Then just go to it and search there are plenty of things you can do with them.

Otherwise, you can always go for R1soft or Acronis. Which are the best in the business.
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I have asked them. For snapshots there are other services. So, I was thinking to do it myself.

@limbo I currently do not have cpanel or plesk installed. But sure can.
@bsteve Are you using the server just for yourself or for the clients?

If for yourself then I will say Plesk or cPanel shall be more than enough. If not then go for other solutions like Acronis. Because many things can happen while running the process.
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Here are some of the easiest methods:

Cloud Backup: There are many different cloud backup solutions available. Some of the most popular ones are Google Drive and Dropbox.

Acronis Backup: Acronis offers a reliable and scalable backup solution for your data or your entire system.

cPanel Backup: cPanel is a control panel for dedicated servers which has a built-in backup option.

Bash Script and Cron Job Backup: You can create a bash script and schedule it to run as a cron job to backup your data.
(03-20-2023, 05:11 AM)bijupro Wrote: Bash Script and Cron Job Backup: You can create a bash script and schedule it to run as a cron job to backup your data.

We used cron job only to backup database. We used extensively snapshots for files.

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