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Paid Directories and Paid PR - are they worth it ?? !!
In the present day world are these paid directories worth it? I am sure you will be able to earn some links through them. But mostly I see is that they are spammy.

It goes for Paid Press Release's as well. As always after doing it huge blasts of traffic. A few spam and other what not's. And then everything settles down.
Look mate !!! Anything paid is still and will be worth the money. Because they provide valid service. Even if they are for a short period of time. Because that's where the money goes and it's their business strategy to keep going.

Free is a tricky term and it is where all the not so good things happen.

Think of Google. Everybody is worried about the updates and all. Now tell me should they be worried?? I mean after all it's a free service. If you are not happy then don't use it.

I hope that you are getting my point here.
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Paid services will be always good.

Many can argue that are they worth it or not. Yes, they are. Only you have to decide that the amount of money you are paying for are they worth the right amount or not.
It's just like that when businesses spend money on advertising.

Paid services will always be good. Because the people who operate them, use them and sell services, all are serious about what they are doing.
just make sure you choose the right/best directories (paid)

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