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Alternative traffic sources other than Google
What are the alternative traffic sources other than Google which are trending these days? I am nopt talking about any social media sites, I am focusing on other search engines.
Well there are plenty of them such Bing, Yahoo, aol etc.
Go for Bing and Yahoo, they are the best alternatives.
Although Google is the top search engine but there also its competitors such as bing, yahoo, msn, aol etc. You can get traffic from any one or all of them just building unique and useful content.
You can select from Social media, or traffic from other sources like marketplaces
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To tell you honestly, Google is more complicated compared to Yahoo and Bing when it comes targeting traffic in which easier to rank in the SERP.
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Yahoo and Bing are great. But you will need great content to get ranked into them.
You can also go for social traffic. Just you have to do is to gain few hundred followers into your business page and give updates to those pages regularly.
Bing and Yahoo search engines are the best alternatives for google...

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