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Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - October 2021
I don't understand why all of sudden so empahasize on showing meta's.

As, it should. This thing increased 30% traffic which will disappear as soon as they change back.
@lootmeup For this we recieved less traffic today.
(10-19-2021, 03:02 PM)supaul Wrote: @lootmeup For this we recieved less traffic today.

20% traffic for us. Dodgy  Don't know went where?

Suddenly direct traffic is on the rise as referral and organic ones are low.
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@supaul Every site is acting differently these days.
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A lot of spam Chinese traffic today.

Almost 50%.
@vkumar This week will be just like last week. Slow..
Sudden bursts of Chinese traffic will happen every now and then. If you are a well known name.

But I know the frustration it messes up the ECPM completely.
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@mediamonster Any kind of traffic is good. If you ask me. They just have to be targeted.

But in the case of Chinese traffic they are just bot like.
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In many niches traffic has just zeroed this afternoon.

I heard that Google is pushing some qulity updates. So, this might be it.
@zeus Its very frustrating that nothing gets properly announced these days..

All things will be done. Then any face from google will let everyone know while addressing some random fella in twitter.
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