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Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - October 2021
@mediadrug On top of that this time of the year is really crazy.
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  • mediadrug
@mediadrug We don't expcet much this week, anyway. Although I get your point.
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  • mediadrug
What if hypothetically anybody decides to replace the content wwith the exact content images or so. Then what shall happen?
@"retrobat You will loose your ranking that's for sure.

And also even if Google decides to show your captures in the images still it will be a long shot. Because now SM's rule it.
Wow !! Even sales took a hit this weekend.

Our US traffic is bad these days. They just come and go.
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  • vk_lord
Zombie lke traffic from USA. @white knight
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  • white knight
Today US traffic exceeded India traffic. I know it's holiday time so things will be weird. But it's too much. Even further more US traffic is just like bot.
@nupur_a I don't believe that these are real users. And obviously not targted even if they are real.
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@lambi Ohh they are real. But just of low quality.

Internationl traffic on all fronts looking good. 30% recovery in the tech niche. Although we have to wait and watch until a few more days.
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  • batman, lambi
One thing is for sure. Google is now heavily experimenting with the discussion boards.

But not all are getting the push like the reddit.

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