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ROI Tips
7 Ways to Ensure You Maximize Your ROI From Content.

Quote:I’m not going to lecture you.

You already know that content marketing can be a very successful form of marketing.

You also know that producing great content takes a lot of time or money, sometimes both.

But there’s something that you might not know, at least not for sure.

Just because a piece of content gets thousands of views or hundreds of social shares doesn’t mean that it produced a positive return on investment (ROI).

You could spend $100,000 on the most spectacular piece of content on how to pet a cat. It’s very unlikely that it would ever make you anywhere close to that amount back.

Content marketing is only effective if it’s profitable.

From what I see and hear, only a small fraction of marketers actually achieve a significantly positive ROI with their content.

That’s a HUGE problem.

While there’s a lot of factors that contribute to your ROI, I’m going to assume you have the basics of content marketing down.

That allows me to show you 7 different ways to maximize your content’s ROI.

If you apply even a few of these tactics, you can take your content from a break-even or slightly negative ROI to a healthy, positive ROI.

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Return on investment, or ROI, is the most common profitability ratio. There are several ways to determine ROI, but the most frequently used method is to divide net profit by total assets.
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Content marketing will be effective if successfully engage, talk about, shared from their networks which means its not only "content" but has more in-depth on how to create a call to action content for the target audience.
5 tips to increase a ROI is :
1. Plan for ROI
2. Avoid Vanity Metrics
3. Sales, Sales & More Sales
4. Experiment Frequently
5. Make A Decision Without Regret
Thank you for the information.
richardmsmith Wrote:5 tips to increase a ROI is :
1. Plan for ROI
2. Avoid Vanity Metrics
3. Sales, Sales & More Sales
4. Experiment Frequently
5. Make A Decision Without Regret

Thanks for sharing your valuable tips to us. It will crucial to us
Marketers can struggle to prove the value of their programs when there isn’t always a direct response or purchase. Effective social media marketing helps small businesses to convert clicks into sales and visitors into longtime customers.

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