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Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - September 2021
@white knight Yup noticed it today in our case. AU has fallen almost to zero.
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  • white knight
20% marginal fall in traffic. But no fall in sales as it seems. Not in this week especially.
I know the last week had holidays and what not's. But I am telling you guys. Something has changed. A major something did rolled out.

Just check the patterns of any SERP's and how they are showing. You will notice.
@vkumar I can assure nobody will argue with you on this topic.

It's just that. Everybody is waiting for the traffic days to come back and then they shall make any statement.
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  • vkumar
Can it happen? Say if a site is effected from link update.

Then it cannot even gets crawled from Google !!

A new site of mine. I suspect to be effected. And it is not getting crawled since last week.
@nehal91 It's unusual for sure and also very highly unlikely.

Sometimes new sites just gets blocked some how. So, wait for some time. And in the meantime check your robots.txt files and other what not's.
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  • nehal91
@nehal91 My suggestion will be that check your site thoroughly first.

It's not normal what you are suggesting.
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  • nehal91
Don't derail the thread folks.

Anyway, with major fluctuations and all. Traffic are coming back in many niches.

But SEMrush is hot again.

[Image: Capture.png]
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  • cbtech
@supaul Fluctuations are happening. But having very high ups and downs, they are all cancelling themselves. As, I said it's been like this since last week.
Everybody is seeing high numbers in SEMrush from Gaming niche and asking me 'Are you alright?'

Apparently, our traffic is alright. Because we deal with regular viewers majorly.
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