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Leads from Emails are falling
Till the week before the last week I was receiving atleast 5 leads from 1000-2000 email recipients. But from the last week I have increased the number to 5000 recipients but still the number of leads is falling and now their average number is 3. What should I do?
Many Email marketers around the world is suffering this problem from last week. Google is sending most of the emails from email service providers into the spam box in gmail. So, I will say that sit tight until this is all over and don't spend extra money on it as it will be worthless.
Gmail may be having some trouble but first make sure that your emails are okay. Sometimes it may happen that your emails are not optimized for mobile devices and so despite of all efforts you can't filter the leads.
Are you sure that everything is okay at your end such as landing page, targeted keywords, email headings etc?
Business email leads marketing is a highly cost-effective method of reaching business by specific industry with your product or service messages. For example if your product is specifically for the restaurant industry. Included Fields: by email, SIC code, SIC code description, NAICS code, company name, contact name, title, address, city, state, zip, phone, fax, company website, revenue, employees. Unlimited Data Leads IS NOT and DOES NOT offer a service with a fixed price for a fixed package of traffic/hits/page views. These types of programs usually promise "real users" or "targeted users," though most don't explain where the users come from, meaning that they most likely use illegitimate means to generate the hits. Response rates can vary depending on clients product and their marketing materials. Just like TV, Radio, Print and Pay Per Click campaign.

Email marketing allows you to reach appropriate contacts on your business mailing lists with electronic materials including email ads, newsletters, promotional campaigns and fundraising appeals. Special email marketing software is designed to craft and send messages to your whole email list or to targeted groups on your list. Armed with such marketing lists, you can conduct advertising campaigns using your own office computer and internet connection.
E mails are going to spam or as a junk mail, so it would be better if you put pop ups to get relevant e mails.
Email is almost 40 times better than some social media platforms at acquiring new customers. This top email marketing services helps in gaining lot of leads for market.

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