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Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - August 2021
What is happening people? Today saw again top tier keywords to fell from the rankings.

60% fall in traffic for a mid level affiliate site this week.
@lonelysoul The reality is that mid level or small sites don't have any chance now against the big ones.
@lonelysoul Today it continues even further.
It's a weekend and on top of that. Google is rolling out something, that's for sure. So, this is expected.
@rudla25 Nobody is denying that. And moreover today is a holiday in many countries. But the way Google SERP's and all are behaving, that is put under lens here.
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Actually it's a completely new thing for us. And now many sensors can't even detect clearly.
Garbage traffic from sources that never converts. Countries like Pakistan, Iran, Bangladesh, China.

I don't know much about adwords but organic traffic is trash today.
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@nehal91 Indeed. And more interestingly majority of the webmasters aren't even targeting those countries.
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