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Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - July 2021
I am unable to judge now that the traffic is good or bad.

CTR is average. But sales are a no show. And also the traffic isn't restricted to any country or region.

Overall, 25% rise in majority of our sites in every niche since the week began. Confused
@supaul Even with the International traffic eCPM rates are very low.

I am used to $0.20-$0.50 but now Google is giving us around $0.02 which you can see is very low.
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  • supaul
@supaul I guess we just have to wait until the roll out is complete.

Same here in my case too man !! One day it is good and another is bad. But as soon as the clock struck the midnight at June 30 and became July 1 everything became more worse.
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@nehal91 eCPM in our case too is in all time low. I am guessing it's their tactics whenever they do any major changes.
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  • nehal91
It will remain like this until the update is over.

Traffic didn't fell of the cliff even in this weekend. That's a new and odd.
(07-02-2021, 03:10 PM)elliekushn Wrote: @nehal91 eCPM in our case too is in all time low. I am guessing it's their tactics whenever they do any major changes.

Even direct advertisers are mulling right now. Sad
Suddenly the indexing issue is fixed. Well that's a good one.

But traffic is really down even the direct ones. In major niches such as the finance, tech, travel etc. Everyone is reporting atleast 30% or more drop in traffic.

I am sure it's just temporary as the update is being rolled out.
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@vk_lord One can only hope. Tongue
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@vk_lord After all the page exp update & all. Traffic was still good in the European front. But as this July update started rolling, everything has gone to sh*t.

This weekend was one of the most worst case scenarios. Our gaming niche traffic is also down by almost 50%.
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Has the update stopped rolling? Since Google doesn't revert back it's algo. It's unsual.

I am seeing the exact behaviour of the traffic and SERP's as it was in the last week of June.

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