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Does Structured Data helps SEO??
Does the structured data of Google which can be found in webmasters tool helps site's SEO? Can it get me ranked well??
It doesn't effect SEO directly. But it can help you increase your traffic. As it will highlight the specifics and properties of your webpage in the SERP's.
I think that they helps SEO a little. As, through structured data Google and users both are going to have a better understanding about your page.
I think it is not too much important for seo point of view, But if you do then it will be potential.
It may help a little because it helps the search engines to understand your page more efficiently.
this is the markup tool for SEO. this enhances the the google understanding to your content to your website. this will be effect not only SEO for your website Use the Structured Data Testing Tool to find out what your page will look like with your website.
randiv Wrote:I think it is not too much important for seo point of view, But if you do then it will be potential.

Thanks, i agree with you.
Structured data is data that has been organized into a formatted repository, typically a database, so that its elements can be made addressable for more effective processing and analysis.
Yes structured data helps search engines understand the context of your website content.

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