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Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - May 2021
Compared to last year. This year is better. SERP's are not filled with ads. Relevant results given.

And also traffic is good so far. Yeah, some fluctuations every now and then. As, it seems it is happening for EU traffic now. But overall all things seems to be good so far.

So, far by my experience I will say don't get too much consumed with the broad core update and all. Work on your site and other methods to gain traffic.
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@bsteve Actually it's best if you don't pay attention to any of the updates. Wink
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Very weird bot activity this morning.

And also in the beauty-make up niche we do get some traffic at early morning hours. Which just disappeared today.
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@nehal91 eCPM rates also fell a lot today.
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Since Sunday or last weekend US traffic is falling day by day.

But we didn't bothered it much because this has happened before. Whenever Google twiches it's algo some specific country show a decline in traffic. The strange thing is now many countries are showing this behavior. As of data from yesterday and today around 40-45% overall organic traffic is down for us.
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First bot activity and now decline in International traffic. This has became the new normal. @vk_lord
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Traffic is low since Monday. And also is the revenue. After 5000 quality targeted visits and atleast 100 clicks we only made $2.
@bsteve May be this year traffic is good. But still the eCPM rates are worse than last year
I don't know about you guys. But majority of our sites are reporting around 50% or maybe more drop in traffic.
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@mediadrug Indeed.

Again Google is sending traffic to non-existent pages and also Discover is gone as usual.
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