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Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - May 2021
Our gaming niche traffic hasn't recovered fully yet. But it's extremely hard to know because the real traffic comes in the weekend.

Anyway, @nehal91 CTR depends on the traffic itself and also the mood of the traffic. It can't be stated for any margin.
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  • nehal91
@white knight I know that. But usually with general eCPM rates our CTR numbers also remains optimal. But now it's not.
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  • white knight
@white knight Is EU traffic stable? I am hearing that only Britain's traffic is fluctuating.
@marketingS In my case EU & UK both are same.

It solely depends on targeted audience and also niche.
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  • marketingS
Today is odd. Traffic is very much throttled. Saw a good rise in traffic around 40% this morning. Then all day long the traffic remained marginal even fell at times. Then on evening traffic did came back a little.
@marketingS EU traffic is down since last week for us.
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  • marketingS
For us this week was so so.

But US traffic took a dive down today. Around 30% fall in traffic. And for many cases it's just absent. Sad
@danni Indeed. But surprisingly Indian traffic is countering the void in our case. I know many will say it's just don't have same traffic quality or rates. For those I would say that you would be surprised.
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  • vkumar
Yeah my website also lost traffic from EU countries :/
(05-09-2021, 12:10 AM)dazzle Wrote: Yeah my website also lost traffic from EU countries :/

Which niche mate? For some niches EU traffic is stable. And for some they are not. I have two sites in home decor and furniture niche which are really having no issues.

But the same cannot be said in the case of tech sites.

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