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Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - May 2021
Devastating fall in traffic in the gaming niche today. Sad
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@white knight It's the eCommerce niche in UK too.
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Why eCPM specially for US traffic is down? It isn't behaving in a normal way since the last 36 hours.
@diamondhead I noticed it too. But then again this is weekend.
If locked down is implemented then traffic might increase or decrease based on the niche right?

Then why am I seeing fall in traffic in every site which has increased during the earlier locked down?
@nehal91 If you are talking about Indian traffic then I will say that. It is nothing like the previous one.

All patterns are destroyed in this one.
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@diamondhead eCPM rates are marginal for me. Neither good nor bad. But CTR is very low since Feb.

This week traffic looks good & targeted but simply they are not sufficient.

I am highly depended on Page views in terms of revenue and it's downing the money.
@vkumar @nehal91 Indian traffic has taken a steep downfall since last month for me. In major all niches.
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Can anybody confirm another update?

Seeing a lot of fluctuations in our tech niche. Specially as this week started. 30% fall in traffic. And also old keywords are no where to be found in the SERP's.
@rakesh20 During May 1, yes..Smile

[Image: Capture.png]

This is according to semrush sensor.

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