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Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - May 2021
Worst possible traffic day today. Although it was expected.

But still around 80% fall in traffic in many sites is quite alarming.
@zeus Today even more.. A site getting around 100 visitors (arts niche) is down to 10-15.
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  • zeus
@nehal91 Indeed this weekend is bad in many terms. CTR, eCPM, traffic you name it.
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  • nehal91
Every niche I know off is getting hit one after another.

This weekend started good as first Europe was not hit. But as US was hit after a couple of hours Canada and entire EU (which were left) was hit.

Around 60% fall in traffic on average.
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  • Paul, tabassum21, vk_lord
Meanwhile, our own UK traffic is no where to be found. Don't forget that. @white knight
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  • white knight
Very heavy bot activity. Haven't seen these type of bot activity since long time.

@white knight Really worthless traffic this week.
@tabassum21 Still it's very unusual. Having a few handful countries in lockdown and few minor changes in the algo can create this much disruption in traffic I had no idea.
Finally today today something good happened.

Around 30% traffic did came back after the weekend debacle.
@diamondhead US and UK traffic along with Canada are still down. But as EU traffic came back. Everything are not so bad anymore.
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One small site of ours. Just rank for two keywords. Today even those were stolen by youtube videos.

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