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Making Money Online, which is the most reliable way?
I don't know whether if it's discussed or not. Probably yes. But since last year as with the virus and lockdowns, people are more & more mulling to invest in any traditional way of passive earning. They are getting more and more into online stuff.

So, what do you guys think?? Which is the most reliable?? Safe??

Blogging-- selling ads or making money through adsense or such.

Blogging-- Affiliate marketing.

Making videos on youtube (Youtube Marketing).

Social Media -- Instagram and other what not's, Sponsored tweets..

Doing freelance work.

Selling service.

Or, creating your own product & selling it online (like Books)

??????? Confused
Each one can be reliable and stable in their own way. The truth is that you have to make them stable and reliable yourself.

The most safe one will be blogging by my guess. Because it will need the least amount of money and also if you get exposure. And start getting good traffic then you can earn big money in a very reliable way. But depending only on Adsense will be a foolish idea.

Mainly who earn online doesn't rely on a single source of income. A friend of mine has his own product. He sales it through his site and also sell other people's products (Affiliate) through it. He also make videos on youtube & also do sponsored tweets.
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I have been trying blogging since last year. Haven't had much luck in it.

Truth to be told the blog hasn't crossed the mark of 100 visitors per day. Sad
@lonelysoul Welcome to club bud. I know many bloggers who have been doing it for even 5 years or so. Still they are struggling for traffic.

In my opinion. Any blog to get exposure and build viewers base atleast needs 2 years. But if you are struggling even after 2 years then I will suggest you should consider re-planning your strategy.
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Freelancing skills-based freelancing is the most reliable method for making money online in the digital realm, with platforms such as Upwork or Fiverr providing opportunities for writing, graphic design, programming, and digital marketing professionals. Building up a portfolio and garnering positive reviews are critical to attracting clients; consistent quality delivery is also crucial! However, creating and monetizing blogs or YouTube channels may also prove lucrative - remember, always strive to provide value to your target audience when doing this work!
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YouTube is the fast and easy way to make money online
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