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Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - April 2021
@nehal91 @marketingS I saw these type of things for the last couple. But these didn't bothered me much. Because these traffic surges are almost negligible for me.

Meanwhile, all the know brands are eating out the majority of the traffic.
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  • marketingS
@mediadrug Either it was an useless update. Or, it was just to help the big brands and names.  Wink Angry
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  • mediadrug
Users from US are reporting massive traffic drops over the weekend. Although it was good a few hours back.
LOL Totally auto-generated sites are ranking good. We have no chance now. Tongue

Meanwhile, traffic is same as last week this time.
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  • mediadrug, white knight
@zeus Don't know about that. But I am certainly seeing a rise in affiliate push type sites in the SERP's.

And also main keywords are declining at a very rapid pace this week. 5 major kw's of books niche are nowhere to be found this week which were present even at the weekend.
@bpatel You better wait. Because this weekend was weird to say atleast.
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  • bpatel
Traffic is satisfactory at this point. But it has a terrible bounce rate. It's not that we are not getting good CTR or bad eCPM rates. But this type of user engagement specially on the newly added pages. Questions the trustworthiness of the pages.
@marketingS Look at the traffic for how it is performing. If the majority just bounce out then say it is bad.

If you are getting good eCPM and CTR then what is the problem. I will say let them.
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  • elliekushn
@marketingS What @mediamonster stated is correct. Besides many of amoung us aren't even getting both of it correct. If traffic is present then CTR is absent, if CTR is present good eCPM rates are absent and some times traffic all the way through is absent.
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Again traffic to non-existent pages are ll time high now..

How high?? Around 60 clicks high out of 100. Sad

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