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Getting a link from DA 18 site, a good idea ??
The site is well know in our niche. And have some good followers base. So, I am considering links from it in the first place..

But the site also has a very low DA which is 18 and sometimes get to 20..

Since recently I am hearing a lot about Google penalising sites fro rank manipulation so I am quite undecided now.

Should get a link from site which is of low quality?
First of all who told you that the concerned site is of low quality? You are just guessing that it is of low quality because of the fact of low DA??

Which is just stupid !!!

DA is a third party metrics which has nothing to do with the SERP's and/ or Google's penalty.

And secondly if you are getting a relevant link from a relevant source. Then it is never going to get you penalised.

Moreover, speaking of the site. If the site has a good followers base then get a link at once.. I would say. You are just missing out a good quality targeted exposure here..

It's not all about links passing juice.. It's also about getting your name out in the world..

And if the site has good audience. Even if it's number is small. Still it is helpful in the long run. So, go for it.
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@rudla25 If the site is not spammy then why are you afraid of?
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@zeus @vk_lord

The thing is the site gets a ton of social media coverage. Which infact leads to spamming.. Like unwanted sites linking to it..
@rudla25 I agree with @vk_lord

You are unnecessarily panicking and not thinking correctly about this golden opportunity..

These type of opportunity doesn't come cheap. And I am guessing it's in your budget too..

Any kind of exposure is good. And if it's targeted then even better.
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I think DA is just a third-party option. This will not affect your website ranking.
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Got the link two weeks now. Since then not much in terms of ranking. But traffic has increased a bit. Specially the 'Direct' ones.
I don't know why people are focusing on DA, it's a third-party factor and google does not consider it!!
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Getting a link from relevant site won't affect your website. If there's a website having DA 18 and it is relevant to your niche then it's good to take a link from that site instead of taking link from high DA non-relevant site. So I think you should go for it.
if you can share the site link, we can check if the site is genuine/safe or not!

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