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Is buying email lists good??
Is buying email lists from my fellow bloggers is a good option?
In my opinion buying is not a good option even if its from your own niche. I mean that the subscribers have enlisted their email ids to the respective other bloggers they haven't subscribed to yours. So, they are gonna think that you are trying to spam them.
First of all why you want to a list. You can send them an invitation to come to see your blog or review them but that's it. You can't send them newsletters as they haven't subscribed to your blog. Your all emails will be marked by them as spams.
Its just bad for business. The list will not get you anywhere. Most of the lists will be worthless even if its from your own niche.
You can buy but it won't get you anywhere. Those lists worthless if you want conversions. Try to grow your list organically.
I don't think that buying e mail ids are good for our business promotion or it is a good idea because many of the email ids are fake in this list and will not affect your conversion.
Like all said that free email lists are spam and useless so do I. If you are willing to boost your sales then you need to buy targeted mailing lists. Unlimited Data Leads introduces user friendly, web portal access to 30 million consumer and now 60 million business records for*$50*a month. With the help of Unlimited Data Leads, people can watch their sales efforts and save time with accurate data. In addition to this, they can help their clients to find new prospects and at the same time have a great chance to increase their revenue in just a matter of minutes.

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