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How to rank in Google fast?
sammyking Wrote:I have started a blog and I want quickly to rank it in the Google search results?

There is no need to rush rankings for your site and if possible its only temporary because only established websites has strong top position in search results.
Quality On-Page & Off-Page is the main thing which can help to rank better in Google. All you need to follow all the policy of the search engine post original content avoid using used content for building up backlinks.
Work according to google algorithm and keep focus on your on page put Quality content and Chose good keywords that will help you to rank fast in a google. don't chose more competitive keywords
Need to promote your site on Google such as onpage activities and the offpage activities help you to rank your wrbsite on Google.
For Ranking in Google you have to create unique content and you have to do SEO by which you create good backlinks. By backlinks you get better ranking on google easily. There is no short cut by which you get ranking on google fast. You have to follow proper guidelines & rules of google for ranking your website.
From my point by using SEO in that link building is useful to get traffic and via we get google ranking.
Link building like content promotion and backlink building from other high authority relevant web pages help to rank keywords faster in search engines.
If you want to rank fast on Google, there are several ways to go about it. While patience is a virtue in many ways regarding SEO, you can potentially speed up the process by performing a number of tasks that boost your website.
To rank in Google fast:
1. Put unique and relevant content on your website.
2. Creat natural link building.
3. Do classified posting.
4. Share content on web 2.0 website.
5. Do article and press release sharing.
6. Do social media marketing.
7. Find your relevant audience.
Many site owners are still focused on the 'ranking fast' notion as if that's even possible. Sure you can get your site indexed fast by linking from other sites, but that doesn't equate fast ranking. To get any kind of meanginful SERP, you will need to first create indepth and relevant content as that's one of the top criteria for ranking. Then you can reach out to the blog or website owner community to ask for help with your off page SEO. For instance, an influential blogger might review your site and offer a link back. This one high quality link from a reputable site will offer more link juice than 20 low quality spammy backlinks.

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