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Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - March 2021
People removing thin contents have gained me some good results.

Traffic are back in many cases.. But I am not sure how Google is determining which content is rich and which is thin.
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  • lonelysoul
@white knight If it's true then I am really happy for you.

But this has happened before. People often remove content guessing that it might be thin. And soon Google took away all of their ranking from most of all of their keywords.

This has created a lot of noise in the circles in December. So, be careful.
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@white knight I agree with @Paul here.

It's not like that our competitors are getting more traffic due to high positions. They are down too to some point.

Analysis done on this for quite some time now. It says Google is keeping all targeted all by itself. Take a good look at the SERP's they will tell you the real story mate.
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@white knight To me Google is sending traffic to pages which have no real value whatsoever. And yes they are forum discussions.
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@batman I was under the impression that forums doesn't get much traffic from search engines.
(03-14-2021, 09:36 AM)diamondhead Wrote: @batman I was under the impression that forums doesn't get much traffic from search engines.

You will be surprised.. Wink

Anyway, another update (a small one) probably brewing.  Just take a look into semrush sensor.
Traffic from Asia is very odd today.. Around 60% traffic is down for major keywords in the news and sports niche. And along with that sudden rise in bot traffic.

Many might argue about the term 60%. For those I will say this it's normal on certain Sundays on our case the traffic to fall around 40%-50%.
A good amount of discover traffic today. Apart from that everything is bad.
@elliekushn Lucky you. To me somebody 'turned of the internet'.
Sports niche is reporting 40% less traffic as compared to last year. Which is expected btw.

But what I don't understand is that why news, entertainment and other niches are also more or less reporting the same.

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