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Links to the internal pages, to get ranked !!
(03-26-2021, 05:39 AM) Wrote: No, Building links for internal pages won't be the problem. Also, make sure the internal linking is done well.

Agree with this! 

A proper linking structure will do the work!
Just make sure you don't overdo it. follow the guidelines to keep your website safe from penalties.
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(11-02-2022, 04:31 AM)soleseriouss Wrote:
(03-26-2021, 05:39 AM) Wrote: No, Building links for internal pages won't be the problem. Also, make sure the internal linking is done well.

Agree with this! 

Definitely, internal links are very important to get ranked, due to internal links pages crowed by google bot.
Incorporating links to internal pages within your website can be beneficial for SEO and ranking. Internal linking helps search engines understand the structure and hierarchy of your site, enabling them to crawl and index your content more effectively. Well-placed internal links can also distribute authority and relevance across your pages, boosting the visibility of specific pages in search results. However, it's important to ensure that these links are contextually relevant, enhancing the user experience by guiding visitors to related content.
To enhance the ranking of your internal pages on your website, it is necessary to employ several vital strategies. First, ensure your internal links are relevant and contextually placed within your content using descriptive anchor text that includes keywords pertinent to their target page. Second, organize and structure your site correctly with a clear hierarchy to simplify indexing for search engines; additionally, regularly refresh and update content to remain valuable and engaging to users; monitor website analytics/performance to identify which internal pages are gaining traction and optimize further for higher rankings.
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