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10 Don'ts of Link Building !!!!
That was The Informative post i think too because Blog commenting gives Traffic to My website but Blog Commenting Does't Gives the Ranking to the Keywords.
Yes, all the above information is absolutely right.
If you are doing SEO for your site then you will easily rank you site in the internet.
Directory submission is not bad as not all directories are bad. Sites like Dmoz are good. Submit your site to those directories only which are most reputable. Too much dirtectory submission is not necessary as maximum directories which can be found over the internet are of no use. And also not to mention too much submission can get you links from irrelevant sources which will impact your SERP's negatively.

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1. Aiming For Quantity Over Quality
2. Content Spinning
3. Mass Article Submission
4.Ignoring ourselves
5.Buying advertising
6. Obsessing Over Anchor Text
7. Guest Posting
Nice post.Thanks for this valuable information.
Blog posting can increase your ranking but blog commenting increase traffic only not ranking
Really that is the best & informative Post if you use Blog Commenting, Link to Irrelevant Site, Low Quality Forum Posting, Submit Site to Low DA Directory Site this not gives you the Best Result. make sure that before using Anchor Text.
According to me Great Post. All the points are true for me. Experinced same with all mentioned points.
Thanks share from you.
I use Article Directory for Directory submission, so I think these are also good backlink.
Really informative post. Worth reading. I understood new things with this post.

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