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Any free tool like Google Keyword Planner
Is there any free tool available which is actually reliable like Google kw planner. I used to use adwords keyword planner. But as you all know they don't let people keep useing it unless you are spending bucks in adwords.
The truth is there are no free tools which are reliable.

If you want to get results which actually matters then you have to get a paid one.
You can always use Google trends to get the general idea about any keyword.
Yes, there are lots of keyword research tools by which we can find keywords. Google keyword planner is the best one but now in the market we also do have Ubersuggest, Keywordfinder, Answerthepublic and many more are available.
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There are many free keyword research tools here are some keyword tools
Competitor Source Code
Google Ads Display Planner
WordStream's Keyword Tool
I want to ask @ op that why you would like to switch from keyword planner to another free tool?
(07-02-2020, 09:09 AM)ritesh3592 Wrote: I want to ask @ op that why you would like to switch from keyword planner to another free tool?

I specifically wrote in my post. Read it!!! Tongue
Well, there are no free tools available. After some time every tool start their paid service. So if you want to get more exposure you must go for paid SEO tools.
You can use 'keyword everywhere' and 'ubersuggest' tools.
My favorite one is keyword everywhere but it's paid now. Use ubursggest for free, Its a great tool for keyword research. Due to it's popularity it may also become a paid tool.

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