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Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - May 2020
@macaulead Today I heard some pages are getting indexed now. But I am not seeing any changes myself.

Videos and images are flooding the SERP's. Relevant results are no-where to be found.

Today one of our main client's reported around 60% loss of traffic despite of our major efforts after the last one. I don't know what's going to happen. So far no plan or strategy is working for me.
@elliekushn Today first half of the day was slow. But then some traffic came back.

@diamondhead I believe Google is made aware of that. And it shall be fixed soon.
@anush Many are reporting that yesterday they hit a new low.

This Google update is like never ending.
@mediamonster Those who are saying that pages are getting indexed. Please tell them to shut the f*uck up.

This update is a disaster. No new pages are getting indexed that's fine.

But why all evergreen articles and pages are being replaced by videos and infographs?! And also not to mention these vids & pics are of very poor quality.

Almost 70%+ traffic is lost since this update began.
(05-18-2020, 02:31 PM)batman Wrote: Meanwhile

So basically its share nothing.!!!! A big nothing!!! Angry Angry Angry Angry
The update is finally over. But I am seeing today some of the worst traffic rates of my career.
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I am unable to comprehend the fact that Google is saying that it is improving the results.

But in ground reality is that its worsening the results. Flooding the SERP's with tons of social media and such sort links.

Why then they keep saying that? Aren't they themselves watching their SERP's?
Some analysis is showing that sites using Drupal are ranking better than wordpress.

Maybe ''unique'' sites means the whole site not just the content.
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@limbo At a little bit maybe. But I know a platform that has gotten a bigger & more drastic boost and that's 'Blogspot'.

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