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Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - December 2019
Compared to the other weekends of November, traffic is normal today. But low than last week.

Every client of mine is reporting these kind of fluctuations. And an increased activity of ads in the SERP's.
@brian the fluctuations of your clients SERP's are they stabilizing or increasing?
@Paul Its hard to say. Once we start to think that its stabilizing then again tremors happen.
Fluctuations are stabilizing. My guess is that we have to wait for Monday to arrive.
@avinash. I don't want to sound too optimistic. But lets hope that it will work out for good.
Apparently everybody today has hit a new low. I wonder where this is going??!!
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We were hit over the weekend. But we didn't noticed it because in weekend traffic remains usually low.
(12-16-2019, 04:15 PM)nehal91 Wrote: We were hit over the weekend. But we didn't noticed it because in weekend traffic remains usually low.

GA has a glitch and its reporting wrong data since yesterday. Some are saying it is fixed and some are arguing against it.

Anyway if you have any secondary traffic stat service in use. Then you better check it now. Because it may have happened that your traffic is down due to the glitch in analytics.
@vk_lord Arguing is going on a lot lately today.

Some of my sites are seeing the glitch and some are not. Its hard when there is no official statement regarding to this.
As said earlier SERP's was stabilizing then again this week it fluctuated very hard.

@vk_lord @supaul Glitch or not, there is something going on!!

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