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Internal Links and Link Circles - all queries
Since the reciprocal links are a NO NO.

People often suggest me to get or build link circles through internal pages.

How do they actually work? Should I link like this PageA>PageB>PageC>PageA  ?? Or something else ??

And also what is the maximum number of internal links one page should have ?
Recirpocal links are a no no. Becuase they are often considered as spammy by search engines by default.

Coming to the link circle technique. The bigger the circle the better it will be.

And there is no limit for outgoing links. As long as they are relevant they are doable. But you also you have to keep one thing in mind that the more the links are from a page. The more the link value gets diluted. Wink
Internal linking also helps to rank pages.
(09-26-2022, 06:34 AM)soleseriouss Wrote: Internal linking also helps to rank pages.

SmartScrapers is a data scraping services provider company.
Internal links brings value to the user experience and can improve engagement metrics
(06-07-2023, 06:03 AM)maddy27 Wrote: Link circles through internal pages involve interlinking different pages on your website to distribute link equity. However, excessive internal linking for manipulation is not recommended. Create a logical chain of links between pages (e.g., PageA > PageB > PageC > PageA). There is no specific limit for internal links, but keep them reasonable and relevant. Focus on user experience and avoid excessive linking.
By internal linking strategies, you can improve the visibility of your web pages in search engine results, enhance user experience, and contribute to overall SEO success.
There are some kinds of points to consider when use internal linking for SEO:
1. Keyword Optimization
2. Page Authority Distribution
3. Enhanced User Experience
4. Improved Crawling and Indexing
5. Site Architecture

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