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Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - August 2021
Unless you are advocating for any product that is from a large company based in US. Then it will be pushed back in the SERP's for sure.

In UK I am seeing our own country's products getting pushed down. And they are just getting replaced by US ones, one after another. The entire European traffic, SERP, images are all a big mess right now.

In the gaming niche we saw a bit spike in traffic this weekend but that's it. Nothing out of the ordinary. Ohh !!! and yes eCPM rates are back to normal.
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@white knight In our case Asia is also doing great. Don't if it's related or not. But I am seeing an increasing traffic from Baidu. Which very obviously is bot like.
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Organic traffic has increased. It's undeniable. But the fact that if they come to non-existent pages and bounce out. Then what you are going to do?!
@nehal91 This issue is far wider than that. Slow indexing, Bot's irregularity, inks which gives the vote all are responsible.

In our forums it is a common phenomenon.
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Whoaa !!! Huge drop today. International traffic compared to yesterday fell by 60%. And also eCPM rates are just flat.
@lootmeup Yup something is definitely happening. Tongue

[Image: Capture.png]
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@lootmeup @diamondhead Well in our case minor fluctuations nothing serious. But yes Ecpm rates did fell from cliff.
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@zeus Today it is looking stable though.

@diamondhead The thing is that fluctuations were only for few niches. Many sites didn't even saw any change.
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Something surely has rolled out within last couple of days. Has anyone checked the traffic lately? The long-tail and high earning keywords for every major niche are hit by a traffic which zombie like.

And no unusual activity on the bot area.
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@white knight Today we saw huge drop. And also the traffic that did came are surely not converting as well.
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