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Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - July 2021
@mediamonster It's was even more weird during the last weekend.
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  • mediamonster
Today after several days we saw a good CTR. Some are saying SERP's are garbage but I find it quite interesting. They are actiively removing big sites and small sites are seeing some chance.
@lambi If you look very closely then only you will be able to see that big Corp. are controlling even more. Wink
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  • lambi
GA doesn't show correct data. Our direct traffic was very low in analytics but when we switched to other options they miraulously increased.

If you people are having a hard time. Then please look for alternatives. Even any free service will show you the real data.
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  • avinash
@anush My thoughts exactly. Even clicky does a better job.
Boy !!! Today Google is showing low quality results. Discover is good for me.

But the results are really depressing.
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  • elliekushn
@nehal91 Found this.

[Image: Capture.png]
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Odd traffic rates. Something serious is going on right now. Google has turned off adsense earnings of publishers. Which only happens if something big is underway.

EU and US traffic are moderate but it seems that they are more non-interested ones.
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@vk_lord If low quality traffic is being delivered then also adsense earnings will be effected. But I got your point.
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  • vk_lord
If Google would had capped our traffic as like before we wouldn't have mind it much.

But now Google is sending traffic not bot like or zombie like. But real traffic. And the traffic is worthless to the most.

Our main revenue generating sites depend on signups. And signups have fallen from 70-80% to 5% or even less.

As everybody know gaming niche is hard but has some solid targeted traffic. How come Google is simply killing it I don't have any idea. The visitors have no intention of staying on the site or even do anything They just come and click on game's wallpapers that's it.
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