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Keywords for On-Page Optimization - lou99 - 11-30-2020

As Google is constantly updating itself with EAT and other what not algorithms.

What do you guys suggest about the on-page optimization for keywords. Where should I put keywords? In order to make the search engine bots understand what's my page is about.

RE: Keywords for On-Page Optimization - limbo - 11-30-2020

The reality of the on-page optimization that it hasn't changed in years. And even with these updates it is not going to change anytime soon.

It might sound odd to you. But keep your page keyword positioning as much as relevant as possible.

Google is basically trying to make sure that the page's it is ranking are from authority sources. So, posts like 'from editor-in-chief' and of such sort will get priority. So, plan accordingly your strategy.

RE: Keywords for On-Page Optimization - John-S - 12-29-2020

Instead, use synonyms or latent semantic indexing (LSI) of your main keyword to get on-page SEO in the meta description, keeping search engines happy. For example, if your main keywords in the headline are “generate website traffic,” here are LSI keywords that you can use: get site visitors. drive free traffic.

RE: Keywords for On-Page Optimization - sanjana.mishra - 01-11-2021

Make sure to use LSI and Long-Tail Keyword having high volume, low difficulty, high CPC, etc. Long-tail keyword easily gets ranked in Google but make sure that the keyword should be relevant. There are various keyword research tool that you can use to find long-tail and LSI keyword.