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Simple Bing SEO Tips - randiv - 07-04-2014

how to manage bing search engine optimization for business purpose, please share some tips ?

Re: Simple Bing SEO Tips - Paul - 07-04-2014

Bing Search Engine is not same as Google but somewhat they both are similar.
- Quality Content is more emphasized in Bing then Google
- Your social signals such social sharing, people talking about your content, getting reviews will definitely get you higher ranking
- Quantity of links is not important but the quality of links is very important. Getting links from good authority sites via link earning, guest blogging will make you shine.
- And also last but not the least your site must be free flow to bing crawlers the less they get errors or crawling problem the better your rank from your fellow sites.

Re: Simple Bing SEO Tips - frank - 02-10-2015

The simple trick that worked me is that by adding more and more unique content to blog. I even update my content twice a day.

Re: Simple Bing SEO Tips - mrb.frequency - 02-22-2015

Bing is not tricky as Google. Build content along with links, you will be ranked faster.

Re: Simple Bing SEO Tips - mediadrug - 06-15-2015

I don't know much Bing also considers users experience importantly. So, we should also focus on it.

Re: Simple Bing SEO Tips - mediamonster - 07-07-2015

I think that content is the main factor along with on-page optimizations to get ranked in Bing SERP's.