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Running an effective Ad Campaign - bat2233 - 03-15-2016

I wishing to start an ad campaign to promote my products. So, here is the query how to run an ad campaign that can convert well?

Re: Running an effective Ad Campaign - brian - 03-15-2016

To run an ad campaign effectively. There are plenty of facts that is to be taken care of.

Choosing right keyword is the first step in this. Extensive keyword research has to be done as because you are investing money here, if you don't want to incur loss. Competitors keywords are also to be given a thorough look.

Baiting the visitors through good keyword is not enough you have to make sure that they stays by giving them a proper landing page. A desktop version is not enough you should optimize the landing page according to mobile devices also. Because its often happens that marketers don't optimize their pages according to mobile devices and then the ad campaigns does not get sufficient ROI.

Re: Running an effective Ad Campaign - frank - 03-15-2016

Before starting an ad campaign you should test your ad uints first. The graphical banners can be tested in facebook and the text ads can be tested in twitter.