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Full Version: Getting Paid Subscription for Video Channels
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We have a couple of video channels which gets much visits. So, we want to start paid subscriptions so then we earn some money. Anybody any ideas in getting converted the visitors into paid subscribers?
Although its only an idea but it works just fine. Choose atleast three videos which are getting maximum visits and which are related to one another. Or, you can just split a large video into three small ones. Now, arrange a program that will say to the visitors when they have already watched the first two videos and going to watch the third one it will say that they need to subscribe to view it. I am sure you will get many signups.
Splitting long length videos that's work too. But I put my effort in video content a lot. Once you have got the attention of the users that your videos are really helpful then you will get paid subscriptions no matter what happens. Here is a trick you put an option that if they subscribe then they can directly download the videos into their computers otherwise not. Pretty clean trick but they will not think that you are only after making money.
Although I am not an expert but I will say that for getting paid subscriptions your videos must have tremendous important. Because there are plenty of video channels who provides info for free. So, make your videos extremely useful and unique, and then promote them.