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Full Version: Content Marketing Tools for 2016
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I am starting this thread so everyone in this forum can share which content marketing tools are they planning to use in 2016. For example I am using this year 'kapost' which is a content marketing platform used for content creation and editorial things, & its focuses in B2B Marketing strategy. I will be using it the next year too. And for distribution of my content I will be using 'Pixxfly'. Share your plans and strategies about various content marketing tools for the next year.
As I basically run forums so for content creation and editorial tools are not much of a use to me. But I am using some tools for the distribution of my content which I intend to use the next year too. Those are 'Buffer' & Narrow'.
I find Pixxfly an interesting tool to use in content marketing and it has a package that includes content distribution and syndication, analytics reporting, podcast and video marketing. One of the best thing here is number of popular social networks which amounting to 14 mediums.
HaikuDeck is also a good one which i have used this year and I am willing to continue it the next year also. It is an extremely clever and efficient tool to create visually stunning slide decks in order to give your page a more professional and user friendly look.