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Full Version: How to become a successful affiliate marketer?
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I want to know that how can I became a successful affiliate marketer. I am a affiliate marketer of CPA networks. I have invested a lot of money in PPC networks last year but my revenue is nearly meeting the my ROI. What should I do?
Are you tracking your visits? How they are doing? Investing a lot of money is the easy part but if you don't track those campaigns then its a total waste of money.
Yeah, I am tracking those visits. And also have a landing page of mine apart from the product landing page to funnel out the probable customers.
Change your campaign keywords. Try alternate ones, see what happens when you do it. The best thing what you can do in each and every money invested campaigns is that keep on experimenting. And on a personal point of view I will say that as affiliate marketer for CPA products I would have invested in PPL(pay per lead) instead of PPC.
You should probable target other keywords and build some landing page. It will surely help in directing new clients to your website by creating new landing page.
Its important to analyze your target audience first before creating an paid ad and this will increase the effectiveness of the ad to be clicked by the visitor and possible conversions