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Full Version: "Expired Article Searcher" Review
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Recently I was roaming here and there for new content ideas. And ideas to make new content quickly and found this thing.

It looks really good. Does anybody has any experience with it?
Looks pretty great. The thing is if anyone isn't much heavily into content then even a buck is overpriced for doing some research such as this which is solely meant for expired content.

For me tools such as Xpired are more reasonable and affordable. Because it checks domains, web 2.0's, content, everything. And also do comes with a free tier service.

But hey!!! It's just me. I am sure other members can say otherwise.
The tool itself is good that I know. Because I have seen it in action.

But here I agree with a tool like xpired will be far more advantageous for you.
I have used it once. It's good. But if you are not looking for chunks of content then I will not recommend it.

Many prefer to do it by themselves manually.