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Full Version: How Can I get The Inquiries
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I want to know about the ways of lead generation. Is it sufficient to optimize the website for some keywords. If some location based keywords are ranking on the first page, is there any chance to get inquiry? Or let me know how can I look for the keywords particular for lead generation.
Actually I don't understand your query. Are you asking about to locate the keywords which can generate leads for you? If that it is then i will say that look for the keywords which you are ranking already. Those keywords must have some potential in your niche so try to put links in those posts so that you funnel out the customers from the rest of the audience.
That is fine. But how the landing pages should be designed? If the website is ranking with some good location based keywords, would the customers contact themselves through organic search? Or is there any other option to contact them?
You can't contact the visitors if they had no wish to engage in your page. In order to contact them you will need their emails so create a small banner (300*250 I will suggest) in your landing pages saying subscription of newsletters or blog updates etc. Or you can put textual links in your content saying that 'If you need more info then contact me', something like that. Try to grab as much as attention of visitors when they land. You can also make a pop-up window which will arise when they land instead of creating a banner. The choice is yours.

I hope these helps you. Good luck. Wink
Thanks a lot Paul. I will try it.