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Full Version: Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - November 2020
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@salma21 Yeah, noticed. But it's traffic didn't stick.

Fall in traffic this time is expected as Halloween, elections etc. But I am not seeing any credible reason for Asian traffic to be down.
@elliekushn Last time traffic dropped around 20% during the US elections.

And I am hoping the same figures this time as well.

Asian traffic is fluctuating since Oct start there is nothing. Although you wanna check your new pages first. Some are saying that new pages with credibal source are taking the most traffic.
Yeah figured @supaul those fake editor-in-chief's are in play. Wink
Is anybody seeing any weird pattern of getting impressions. But not getting much clicks from them lately?

Impressions for many kw's have doubled over the last couple of weeks. But the clicks are remaining the same. The thing that is hard to fathom is those kw's are at top positions.
This week is usually good where as it was not expected though with all the elections and stuff.Wink
@cc1 Hold onto your but*s.

Elections are not even over completely. They why Google why?

[Image: google-algo-update-nov-2020.jpg]
@white knight After a long time my traffic is steady even if SEMrush is showing high numbers.

The past couple of months has been drastic. Even for the slightest algo tweak from Google my SERP's would have gone totally nuclear. But now it is performing well.
@avinash Good luck... I hope it stays your way.

@white knight The major update was delayed. So, this can be it. Again this high numbers were only for a short time so can't be sure.

@cc1 Indeed. Although the indexing issue is back. Dodgy
@davids @avinash Yeah the SERP's bounced here and there a bit.

But somehow it remained intact at the end of the day.
@cc1 It's the new policy of Google. Somehow they show you that overall outcome remains the same at the end of the day.

Just like the fact that no matter how many pages you add, how interesting your new articles get, how insightful your information is valued by your audience. Still Google won't be sending you much traffic. And it's been like this since May.
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