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Full Version: Marketing with Twitter
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Twitter is one of the most popular and easily hand-able social networking site in the internet. If it is used cleverly then a large Capture audience can be gained for your site or brand. The basic advantage of twitter is that if you follow somebody than it has a great chance that the person will follow you back. If you have a huge amount of followers for your site or brand then its very easy to put up the voice of yours to the audience through twitter.

Good twitter profile is always necessary

whi Nobody likes to follow a profile which is incomplete or does not showing a proper view of the person or brand it is representing. You must have a profile picture first, if the twitter profile is of your brand then you can put the logo of it in the profile image. Or, if it is your personal profile then you can put your own image or any kind of customed image. It is also necessary that you add a header image to your profile if it is representing any kind of product/ brand or site. A screenshot of the homepage of your site will also do the work. Only remember the header image must not be too huge so that it can take few more seconds to load when anybody visits it.

Profile information is also important as well as the images are. Some people does not like to follow which does not have a clear or complete profile information in the homepage. So always fill it complete, clear and lucid. If the profile is about a site then you must add the url of the site in it.

Getting followers to follow

Its not hard to get followers to your profile in twitter. As i had said earlier that if you follow somebody then it has a great chance that he/she should follow you back. Try to find other twitter profiles of your niche or related niches. Open their follower list and follow them as much as you can. Remember the thing, that twitter has maximum following limit per day is 1000 & also you cannot follow more than 2000 if you do not have 2000 followers in you own profile. Once you had crossed the 2000 your follower limit then you can follow 10% more of your total followers. As, if you have 5000 follower then you can follow 5500 other twitter profiles.

Always, try to keep the followings to followers ratio of your profile legit. You can try this site to find your ratio Tffratio. This site will give you a good idea about your ratio, i will always recommend that you keep your ratio to or above 1. To keep the ratio intact you must unfollow the users who are not following you back. Due to recent updates in twitter policies bulk follow or auto-follow and bulk unfollow or auto unfollow are not available. No service or software can provide you with these features, so you have to manually unfollow users who are not following you back. I myself has found Friend or Follow service quite good, its free and very easy to use.

Twitting Strategy

A good twitting strategy is very essential. It is important because of many things, firstly to build a good authority for your brand or site or personal profile, secondly developing a good targeted audience and thirdly engagement of that audience to your site or brand so you can see actual conversions from them. Here are some points for good twitting strategy :

- Never make false statement in your profile. Always try to be original.
- Schedule your tweets using some twitter services like Future Tweets. Its very odd and people don't like it that you tweet once in a week or in a month. Make multiple tweets a day. Try to schedule your tweets once after 3 to 4 hours in 24 hours. This way you will be able to establish yourself as an active twitter user.
- Don't tweet always about your brand or site. Make throw your own words also, in this way you can get the trust of your followers that you are not only advertising via your twitter account but also socializing, to develop your authority.
- If you are promoting any brand or site then don't hesitate to repeat your tweets. Just don't make the exact tweet and don't tweet the same content consecutively, make it a gap of at-least 5 tweets.
- To develop reliable audience don't forget to retweet their tweets but make sure they are relevant to your tweets and have good content value.
- Interact with your followers via direct messages, asking questions to them, answering their queries, participating in their discussions etc. In this way you make a good audience engagement.
- Use of # tags are also very important, it increases your visibility beyond your follower list.
Twitter remains a powerful marketing tool, mainly when used correctly. Success on this social platform relies heavily on engagement and timely content creation for your target audience. Utilize hashtags strategically but don't overuse them; engage users by replying to tweets and retweeting relevant material; consider targeted campaigns with ads from Twitter; analyze analytics regularly to stay agile and adaptable to stay competitive in Twitter marketing; finally, keep an eye on analytics to understand what works and refine your approach as this platform changes and grows over time - adaptability is critical when marketing on Twitter!