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Full Version: Content is always the King
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Using Good SEO techniques (like forum posting, guest blogging, link building through social bookmarking sites) a user can easily bring traffic to any website. But, if the visitors does not stays in your website or once after visiting your site never comes back then, what will be the point for all this. These above situations can be easily handled by good content as you should know Content is always the King.

Suppose, you have build one website added some content in it. Then, you started telling others about your website by means of forum posting, social bookmarking sites,social networking sites etc. For the first few days you saw a huge amount of traffic in your website and then suddenly the traffic falls out. This happens because the visitors does not got the content for what they cam to your website looking after. Resulting in drop of traffic and also no returning visitors.

Some points a user should remember in order to produce a quality content :

- Build content which actually describes the title you have decided for that content. This will result the visitors to stay in your site as they won’t be disappointed. Because 98% visitors comes by seeing the main title of your webpage.
- Try to make the content unique. This will make you to stand up within your competitors. I know that this is not easy at all but at-least try the most to produce as much as unique material within your content.
- Use images and/or videos in your content to describe it clearly. This will make your content easily understandable to the visitors.
- Always write the content in a simple language. So, all kind of visitors can understand what you are saying. And, also avoid grammatical mistakes.
- Remember a huge number of word does not mean a good or quality content. The visitors haven’t got all day to read your article. A good content is that which explains the whole thing in few words.
- Be clear and straight to your subject.
Good points I just want to add another one that we have to build content considering the needs and visitors demand. Otherwise uniqueness does not matters if its no help to anybody.
Content is one of the important key elements for being on top through SEO. Search engines look for quality and not quantity while ranking your website.
Uniqueness and relevancy of the content along with useful information that really helps the users always gets ranked well. Build content according to the audience and not for the search engines. This is the only way to get a page rank high in the SERP's.
I do totally agree with you brian and thanks for sharing this useful post.
Content always matter with proper research it will be easier for you to produce quality content. You also need to optimize your website as well for it to work.
Nice post. Thanks for the valuable information.
Content is always the king because google crawls your website on the basis of your website content and how much you content is beneficial to user. Web Content Writing Service
Thanks for sharing the valuable post with us.