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Full Version: Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - October 2020
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Yesterday was bad. And today is even worse. Where all the clicks are going?

I am seeing many keywords ranking well in the first pages then where is the traffic?
SEMrush sensors are still showing high numbers.

[Image: Google-October-Update2020.jpg]
@vk_lord A lot of traffic is down today. But as the indexing issue is getting fixed. I am hoping things will get better.

Asian traffic is really low today. Two or three countries are around 70-80% fall.
@davids I am seeing steep fall in traffic this week.

I don't know how it's going to work out?!!
@anush29 The reason I wrote that is because its off days (weekend and what not's). It's not wise to assume anything by seeing the metrics or stats for these days.
Saw the discussions on twitter. Means nothing to me.

Because if Google is not going to improve it's SERP's then there is no point.
Again, fall in traffic. This time almost around 30% of US based traffic since yesterday night. Yesterday was great but then after evening US traffic started to fall.
Something is going on for sure. SEMrush is also showing it.

And not to mention eCPM rates of adsense is low as hell. This type of low is only seen when something big in algo part is about to come out or coming out. I have seen this in May.
@vk_lord eCPM rates are down because US advertisers are keeping money for any sudden bursts. As so I read in other discussions.
Nahh!! @smz21 I am not buying this logic. Because there are many Asian advertisers too. And traffic itself is down along with Asian traffic too.
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